News 2014

Nat. VDH Karlsruhe
Kyleigh won in Championclass under judge Jean Brixhe - V1, VDH

Dopple CACIB Bled/Slovenia
On both day's Kyleigh won BOB - I'm proud

CAC Tüttleben
Under judge Mr. Kuscyk - V1, best bitch

CAC Offenbach
Under jugge Mrs. Kammerscheid-Lammers - V1, VDH 

CAC Oberhausen
Under judge Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kyleigh got V2, Res. VDH and Res. CAC

CAC Langerwisch Sunday
Kyleigh off Cassie's Time won under judge Mr. Elmar Sistermann - V1, CAC VDH, Best bitch, BOB and got her German Champion Titel DWZRV + VDH - I'm again sooo proud and thanks to all judges who believe in her.... THANKS

CAC Langerwisch Saturday
Under jugde Mrs. Gielisse/NL Kyleigh won - V2, Res. CAC, Res. VDH